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tv   9 On Your Side News 5  ABC  February 5, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm EST

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mckee is live with all of these new developments ... tom? it was in this glenway avenue crosswalk in price hill that london smith was hit 24 hours ago.ruth estepp is the driver who hit her and can't be found anywhere tonite.she was in custody for a time, but released. london smith sat in a chair friday with her leg propped up surrounded by her mother and will be a long recovery after being hit by a thursday. "i still have pain and i my leg, my hand and my eye. eye.a security camera caught london, her brother and sister in a crosswalk on glenway see the white car approach at the top right of the screen and seconds later london is hit and the driver keeps on going. going. "i don't remember when i got hit by the car. only i remember when i got in the ambulance." ambulance."
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without no shoes on, i thought she was dead. i thought she was dead and i just started screaming." screaming."cincinnati police tracked down ruby estepp in mount washington and booked her at the justice center. however, she was released overnight and didn't show up for court when her name was she's furious about that. that. "it's like they just let her out like what she did didn't matter -- like it don't matter what she did to my child. she left her for dead." dead."but, london will recover and was delighted by the cards school. "i would like to say thank you for praying for me and thank you for the cards. i am so happy that they were here for me. me.but, her mother, isn't mincing words calling ruth estepp "heartless." "heartless." "i want you to turn yourself in -- and own up to your responsibility of what you did to my daughter because my dauthter could have died." i've asked the hamilton county sheriff's office for the reason estepp was released and i haven't gotten a formal
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side, live in price hill. a mother and volunteer accused of stealing from a high school boosters program - police say the stolen money was used for personal expenses. expenses.9 on your side's rose- ann aragon tracked down the program's president.she tells us how they noticed something was wrong. the suspect was arraigned in court this week--she was parent here at scott high school--she was trusted to collect money at concessions but the police reports show that money had gone elsewhere. "there were some things that didn't look right." discrepancies that scott highschool parent chastity boyd could not ignore-- she had just taken the president position of the school's eagle club-- a parent booster program--"there were some discrepancies that we've seen and numbers in the books." thousands of dollars-- missing or misused--leaders of the group did some digging,
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dollars worth of unapproved purchases--and an estimated 5- 10 thousand dollars not deposited. they called police "several credit card purchases were made using the credit card belonging to the scott high school boosters."the reciepts were traced to the woman behind the cash register--dana tucker--now charged with theft by unlawful taking--"she was able to trace that and find evidence that miss tucker was the one to use the credit card."parents also found tucker had withdrew more than 18-hundred dollars in cash--when police asked tucker what it was for-- she didn't have an explanation-- police then found-- she charged 2 thousand dollars for personal items-- including magazines, diapers and steak --money for their children."for the students. it's definitely discouraging, and i"m a parent, i have two boys at scott so as a parent it is discouraging."school officials say-- it's an isolated incident (***jess dykes-scott high school spokesperson***)"the person accused of this. nor does that money go into any kenton county employee's hands."they say the boosters
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(boyd)"we have made checks and balances so something like this won't happen again of course." officials tell me tucker is no longer part of the program.-- if convicted she could face 1-5 years behind bars. columbia parkway is completely reopen after a shut down today. it opened just under two hours ago. crews had to remove dirt that poured over the retaining wall...according to a city spokesperson - about one-thousand tons of dirt was removed from the hillside along columbia parkway. a mother accused of using heroin while her daughter was sleeping in the car - won't be allowed to see her kids until completing a drug program. 25-year-old crystal hall was in court today.police say they found heroin and a needle in the car - parked in the price hill kroger parking lot. another woman was also in the
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a ten-thousand dollar bond. hall's children are with their grandparents. hamilton county is warning residents about fentanyl on the streets.the county says fentanyl was used in 30- percent of 251 overdose deaths in 2014. fentanyl - a powerful pain reliever - is often mixed with heroin - leading to deadly results. helping you plan the start of your weekend... weekend...9 first warning chief meteorologist steve raleigh joins us with what's ahead this friday evening ... steve? 460f on saturday and 490f for a high on sunday. at times, we will see mostly cloudy skies as a couple of minor weather systems slide through the area. but in general, it's shaping up to be a nice weekend. a rain/snow mix will be possible on monday. but behind this, colder air will come in, and it supports light snow by tuesday and wednesday. we are tracking the system
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just weeks before march madness - louisville basketball pulls itself out of the tournament because of an ongoing sex scandal. the scandal began when a woman - claiming to be an escort - says she was paid by former staffers to strip and have sex with recruits and players. university president says an investigation did reveal some school violations. the team is banned from all post-season tournaments including the's basketball coach rick pitino says he is stunned ... :54 - 1:14"this is not a team that wasn't going to make the tournament. this is a team that was very much favored to
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i've had my share of crying ... and didn't want to go through it anymore ... but this is a night of extreme pain. pain.the cardinals are currently ranked number 19. as excitement builds for super bowl sunday - so do high security operations. operations.on and off the filed - security teams are working around the clock to ensure a safe game ... from trained swat teams - to the coast guard in the san francisco bay. and eight aircraft watching from above. the intense operation took two years to plan.machines will be scanning every truck delivery and sensors are posted at train stops. one biggy from security officials - they do *not* want to see any drones within 32 miles of the stadium. six found dead in one chicago home. home.what police know about the victims - and how they're connected. losing her lead.the big change
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inching closer to the new hampshire primary. pups on the go.from 9 on your side - to downtown.we are entranced by puppies.we'll tell you about the mission to get these little guys adopted today. you're watching 9 on your side
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a wall street worker is dead
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down to the ground in new york city.three more people were hurt in the morning collapse. the crane was being lowered when a snow squall moved through lower manhattan.when it fell... winds were around 20 miles per hour. it's unclear what exactly caused the crane to come down. new developments at five - police on the south side of chicago say murder-suicide may be what led to the death of six people. police found the bodies of two men, two women, and two young boys.they believe all victims may be related.police have not released exactly how they died - only saying they died of some sort of trauma. officers went to the home when a victim's co-worker called police. hillary clinton is barely holding on to her lead over senator bernie sanders according to a new poll. poll.the poll has clinton at 44 percent - sanders at 42. this comes after the two candidates came out swinging in their first one-on-one showdown last night. other polls have sanders leading in
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primary on tuesday. a visit that's too hard to resist. resist.puppies visit offices across the tri-state with some help from uber.why the company was eager to pack up the pups - and share them with people around town. whooping cough threat.your child may be at risk - even if they got the vaccine.why doctors say they're seeing a resurgence for some age groups. your seven day forecast is
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you're watching 9 on your side at 5 the ride providing company, uber, went to the dogs today. today.the company partnered with the league for animal welfare to try and get animals adopted. adopted.9 on your sides tony mirones shows us all the cuteness - and how it worked. ((nats))this morning the 9 on your side studios were invaded with cuteness.uber delvered three pups to entice some of my colleagues to adopt.casey verkamp/uber cincinnati gm "we're not in the puppy business everyday, but today is a very special day for us here at uber in cincinnati, normally you can push a button and get a ride."you can still do that, but there was a four hour window that the company would deliver puppies.((nats)) city councilwoman amy murray sceduled a stop at her office
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company partnered with the league for animal welfare to raise awareness and the adoption rate.donna moore/league for animal welfare "we're just trying to get our name out there. get more people in the door to know that we're there and we're a no kill shelter and to work with us and our cats and our dogs."casey verkamp/uber cincinnati gm "this is our first time in cincinnati but we've done it in lots of other markets, actually last year through all of these events about 70 pets went to homes." this is why it works"yes.""you want to hold him?""no."that lasted about 10 more seconds. "how are you?"tony mirones/twitter: @tmironeswcpo "it's uber cute when you think about it, you get a nice cuddle buddy at lunch time, itsn't that right honey...."it was tough not to take this lil fella homei talked it over with my dog cazie, and she wasn't impressed.((nats))but don't let that stop any of you. the league for animla welfare works with it's animals.donna moore/league for animal welfare "getting them socialized is the number 1 job for us to do. seeing them here with everybody, running around and playing, awesome. it's really cute, this is their then with all these people with a different atmosphere is pretty nice to see."the aspca estimates more than 2.7 million animals in are shelters waiting to be adopted. all you have to do is put in an application.tony mirones, 9
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and on right now - a photo gallery of the dogs visiting us at 9 on your side - plus where you can go to get a new member of your own family. 460f on saturday and 490f for a high on sunday. at times, we will see mostly cloudy skies as a couple of minor weather systems slide through the area. but in general, it's shaping up to be a nice weekend. a rain/snow mix will be possible on monday. but behind this, colder air will come in, and it supports light snow by tuesday and wednesday. we are tracking the system
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the only local helicopter getting you breaking news first in the's dan carroll in chopper 9. "the only helicopter bringing you breaking news in the tri-state.chopper 9 taking a live look at the roads this evening.i'm dan carroll in
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short-term protection! protection! a vaccine supposed to protect your children - may fade over time.when your kids are at risk of getting whooping cough - even if they got the vaccine. new at 5:30...thinking of pizza or wings for the big game on sunday? consumer reporter john matarese is on your side with where to find
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tonight in healthy living - some patients who took the popular antibiotic *levaquin* are suing the former head of the food and drug administration. they claim johnson-and- johnson, which makes the drug and others hid information about debilitating side effects for their own financial gain. levaquin is
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kidney infections.some patients claim there is no warning about multiple side effects: including ruptured tendons and nerve damage. your child's only protection from whooping cough may be fading with each passing year. the vaccine plays a vital role in combating whooping cough - but a new study in the journal "pediatrics," found the vaccine gets less effective, usually after age eleven or twelve. this may explain the rise in whooping cough cases for children ages ten to 16. children receive five doses of the vaccine - called *d-tap* before kindergarten.doctors recommend a booster by age 12. they recommended another shot for adults and pregnant women. much more to come on 9 on your side at's anchor tanya o'rourke with what we're working on. next at 5-30.bullets fly through a butler county neighborhood. how close one of them came to hitting a woman in her sleep. and a woman shows up to her own she turned the tables after her husband paid
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now at 5-30, bullets fly through a middletown neighborhood... hitting three houses.nearly hitting a woman in her sleep. sleep.and the person accused of firing the gun was at it again even with 9 on your side cameras rolling nearby. 9 on your side reporter jay warren is live in middletown with the story...jay? a foot or two away from catastrophe we spoke to a middletown woman who says her mother could have been killed by the stray bullets flying around her neighborhood it was early yesterday morning that this someone was shooting at houses along yankee road--9 on your side knew of two and while our cameras were rolling a woman learned her mother's house had been hit too((sot)) "oh my god. oh my god."that's teresa walton who at first didn't think the house had been hit like her mom's neighbors until she saw the evidence for herself((sot)) "where did the bullet end up? it went through!"at least two other houses were struck
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seven times and another hit at
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